In the 'leanback' world of Connected TV advertising, challenges exist for brands that few people talk about - Is the consumer paying attention to the TV during an ad break?  Do they feel that the brand’s message is relevant to them? How do we measure the brand success in this non-clickable, one-to-many environment? 

iRobot’s premier Native CTV campaign successfully increased all of their top-funnel objectives with custom content from Origin Media. 

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iRobot recently launched a new robot mop, the Braava, and engaged Origin to run a Native CTV campaign that would help them accomplish the following objectives: 


  • Educate buyers of the Braava’s main features and functions (which the ad does not do).

  • Elevate awareness of the iRobot brand by making sure viewers are more likely to be paying attention to the TV when their ad starts.

  • Create a direct mental connection between the Braava robot mop and it's better known sibling - the Roomba.

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Where an OTT ad campaign runs on streamed content across all screens (including those that are touchable/clickable), CTV campaigns are focused exclusively on the largest screen in the home, and require a strategy that takes into consideration the elements unique to the CTV viewing experience including but not exclusively:

  • differing levels of attention and engagement,

  • co-viewing

  • the interruptive and inconvenient nature of ad breaks.


iRobot engaged Origin to deploy its ‘Prime’ solution - a first to market native CTV solution that blends ads with short form native content known as ‘Toppers’ that wrap around the ad.

Origin / iRobot - explainer video

Origin’s animation studio produced 12 distinct Native Content assets (branded, unbranded, and *seasonal) that would run directly ahead of the main iRobot ad.


Halfway through the campaign, one of the custom Native Toppers that Origin’s animation studio [produced celebrating Thanksgiving, was swapped out for a more festive unit that focused more heavily on gifting ahead of the holidays.


Origin measured impact viewer on brand recall,  product education and differentiation, and gifting consideration .  The methodology used to measure these consumer behaviors was a survey targeted to the households where the native CTV campaign ran over the previous 1-7 days, through LoopMe. 



  • Viewers exposed to an Origin Prime topper were more likely to remember the ad than if they saw an iRobot commercial without a topper, by an average of 26.5%

  • Why this matters: providing value to a user connects with them and impacts their subconscious ability to remember the message.



  • Surveys asked viewers “Do you know the difference between the iRobot Braava Robot Mop and the iRobot Roomba?,” 

  • Viewers exposed to the Origin Prime Native CTV campaign showed a 31.2% lift in education than those exposed to just the iRobot ad (without native) and a 75.7% lift from viewers who saw no iRobot ad (Control.) 

    • Why this matters: iRobot and Roomba are already household names, and their branding strategy is to bring Braava to that level of recognition, so education on the newly launched product was the most important KPI for iRobot. Native CTV through Origin Prime proved to be highly successful for this top of funnel objective.



  • Origin drove an 39.5% average lift in gifting consideration, and viewers who saw the seasonal specific toppers had a 93.2% positive response rate when surveyed if they would consider purchasing an iRobot product as a gift for the 2020 holiday season.

  • Why this matters: Seasonal creative offers next-level personalization that connects better with viewers, and significantly influences top of funnel consideration.



  • The approximate frequency of ads shown per household was 3x,  although the campaign had a frequency cap of 40.  

  • Why this matters:  The impact of native creative drives lift across client KPIs with minimal exposure and more importantly, without bombarding viewers.   


Origin Prime averages >2x views per household, demonstrating the impactful nature of this reinvented form of CTV advertising.  

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