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Origin Impact helps non-profit organizations amplify the effectiveness and outcome of their Connected TV Investments.


Since the company was founded, Origin has leveraged its creative capabilities to support socially relevant causes, delivering millions of assets including PSAs, ads and ad spots that support local businesses struggling through COVID, raise awareness around societal inequalities and educate everyday Americans on important issues.

Now we are scaling these efforts through Origin Impact, offering nonprofit organizations access to Origin’s solutions which will help amplify the impact of their marketing efforts while allowing their funds to be used for the cause itself.

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Spend less

We believe that the money you raise should go to what matters most -

your cause.

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Accomplish more

Our unique CTV ad formats are proven to elevate ad recall up to 27%, consideration by up to 56% and outcomes by up to 41% for brands who use them. 

“Our experience with Origin was great. We appreciate the creativity they put into their work that is strategically on-point. They're great at what they do. We highly recommend!”
Youngsoo Choo, Marketing Director
- Chinese Hospital
"Origin was a great partner for our strategy. The videos they produced were excellent and creative, and Fred was very patient and generous with his time and talent."
Gina Yam, VP Operations
- Chinese Hospital
“We are honored to be chosen by Origin for this initiative. Awareness is the most important factor in driving support for any cause and ours is no different. They have been an asset in raising the visibility of our cause, grabbing viewers attention through their unique topper which gets to the heart of our mission in an impactful way. We’re looking forward to their continued support in the coming months.”
Rachel Davis, Vice President Brand Management - Susan G. Komen

Apply to become an Origin Impact recipient

If you are a registered non-profit organization that currently advertises on Connected TV, then you are welcome to apply.

To learn more about Origin Impact or to apply:

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