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Origin Impact recipient the 'American Battlefield Trust' adds dynamic overlays powered by Aperture, to its CTV ad creatives

Born from the desire to channel our creative capabilities for good amid the onset of the Covid pandemic, today the Origin Impact initiative is a program that provides non-profit organizations with free creative services that help save them money as well as elevate the impact of their CTV campaigns.

Today, we are pleased to announce the latest recipient of this initiative - the American Battlefield Trust. What makes this award so serendipitous is that the creative services best suited to their needs were made possible by Origin's newest CTV solution - Aperture.


To better understand how we were able to help the American Battlefield Trust, we should first explain what Aperture is:

Aperture is a dynamic creative overlay solution whose purpose is elegantly simple:

  • Reduce cost.

  • Open the door to new creative capabilities.

It achieves this by offering marketers a complete range of fully dynamic and customizable 'widgets' that can be layered into any creative. Whether it’s adding new messaging into an existing creative (more on that in a moment), boosting engagement by presenting audiences with constantly up to date information or even including partner brands into the asset - Aperture is a flexible, scalable and hassle-free way of making it happen.

Origin’s Assignment

When it came to the American Battlefield Trust, the challenge they wanted Origin to help them overcome was clear - when their stunning 15s and 30s CTV creatives were originally made, asking viewers to donate or become members was deliberately kept in the background. Fast forward to today however, and the need to raise awareness of donations and memberships is a top priority.

To make this happen, Origin’s in-house studio team studied the client’s creatives, selected the overlay elements that best suited the client’s needs and built an Aperture experience that would run in perfect harmony with the ad.


Creative With Aperture

The client and Origin collaborated on writing three distinct sets of messaging that would run in rotation inside the overlay and within just a few days the finished product was ready for prime time.

Here is just one example of the 6 Aperture enhanced CTV creatives we produced:

Speaking on behalf of the American Battlefield Trust, Chief Digital Officer Lawrence Swiader shared the following thoughts I was delighted to discover the Origin Impact opportunity and even more enthusiastic about the simple and powerful solution offered by Aperture." He continued by saying "Using Aperture has allowed us to quickly create six versions (3 x 15s and 3 x 30s) of our original ads with new calls-to-action that we can test side-by-side. Editing the video to achieve the same result would have been more costly, taken more time (even assuming the voiceover talent was available), and come without the ability to test different versions as easily."

"Aperture is a tool that I plan to use again and I heartily recommend it to any nonprofit seeking to make an impact with CTV ads.

Speaking about the opportunity, Origin CEO Fred Godfrey added “It seems paradoxical for a non-profit to spend money it raises on raising more money, so I am pleased to see our new CTV overlay solution doing what it does best - saving money, reducing hassle and improving impact.” Clarifying on this statement, Fred went on to say “Aperture is designed to be measured by its creative capabilities versus the outcomes that result from using it. That said, we hope that the inclusion of these dynamic CTV overlays helps the American Battlefield Trust raise the funds they need.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to assist and collaborate through the Origin Impact initiative, and wish them well in their mission to preserve America’s battlefields.



About The American Battlefield Trust

The American Battlefield Trust preserves America’s hallowed battlegrounds and educates the public about what happened there and why it matters.

The purpose of the American Battlefield Trust is to inspire appreciation of America, its history, and its promise of liberty through an understanding of the wars fought on its soil, and of the sacrifices of earlier generations of Americans.

To learn more and become a member, visit: 

About Origin

Origin is an award-winning Creative Technology company whose zero code CTV ad formats enable marketers to deliver dynamic and responsive ad experiences in the living room and outside the home. 

With unparalleled creative capabilities and proprietary ad serving technology, Origin’s off-the-shelf and custom solutions are trusted by agencies, brands, creative teams and programmatic platforms who want the ads they run to get the attention, engagement and outcomes they deserve.

Founded by media veterans Stephen Strong and Fred Godfrey, Origin is driven by the belief that to win a viewer today, we must look beyond how it was done yesterday.

Learn more at:


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