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A new generation of video overlays built for brands, creative teams and media agencies who run ads on Connected TV

Transform any CTV creative into a dynamic powerhouse with zero-code overlays.




Get acquainted with Aperture... and find inspiration for your new dynamic capabilities with examples below.

A New Breed of Overlays

Many overlay solutions diminish the brand creative with"shrink-backs". Others introduce interactive elements that distract viewers from the ad. Aperture’s overlay widgets are dynamic, customizable, and built to co-exist natively within your creatives.

Split Screen

split screen offers a large, dynamic canvas that is perfect for showcasing significant or large format information.



The lightbox is a simple way to layer detailed and timely information into your message.

Hot Corner

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 7.11.11 AM.png

Hot corners are a quick, clean and simple way of teasing viewers with quick facts or offers. 

Push-Up Bar


push-up bar is an ideal way to include new information to your viewer, without it needing to be the star of the show.

Copy Box

copy box.jpeg

A copy box is the simplest way of delivering tailored closing messages that feel unique to the audience. 

Feature Box


The feature box makes it easier than ever to include coop partners or simply promote products.

Aperture Examples

Key Differentiators

In addition to having unparalleled data-fed and dynamic capabilities, Aperture places its key strengths in places where others do not.

  • We require no special tech that limits reach.

  • We have no minimum for when or where Aperture appears.

  • We offer unlimited unique versions for target audiences.

  • We keep attention where it should be, on your creative.

  • We never shrink your ad.

  • We don't distract viewers with interactive elements.

  • We avoid creating the feeling of a "bolt-on".

  • Every overlay is flexible in position, duration, and appearance.

  • We follow the same principles around dynamic and agile messaging that our clients know and love.

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