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Meet Aperture - A New Generation Of Dynamic Overlays For CTV Ad Creatives.

Since 2019, the creative engine that powers Origin's suite of CTV advertising formats has been answering the call of the most innovation-hungry agencies and brands. 

One area that sees the most investment is in advancing our dynamic, data-fed creative capabilities, inspired by clients ranging all the way from VISIT FLORIDA to Orangetheory Fitness, who have proven the value of being able to say what they want to who they want, when they want to their target audiences at home.

Their ability to do this was possible either through Origin's Ad Studio or our award-winning ad extension format called Slingshot.

Until now.

Following numerous requests by our most progressive clients to leverage Origin’s dynamic creative features inside their ad creatives, it is our pleasure and privilege to announce Aperture - a zero code, creative overlay format that transforms any CTV ad creative into a dynamic powerhouse able to serve any number of creative or strategic objectives.

What makes Aperture special is the ability for any of its overlays to be dynamic and/or data-fed, allowing any message or product to go to any target audience.

Here are a few use cases to help spark your imagination:

  • Travel: Local weather forecasts, last minute hotel deals, flight times between a viewer's location and the ad's destination.

  • CPG: Product spotlights, daily offers, brand partnerships.

  • Retail: Local store locations, flash sales.

  • Entertainment: Tune-ins & countdowns, celebrity spotlights, special events.

  • Auto: Local dealership locations, weekly specials, vehicle highlights.

Then there are all the possibilities that could apply to any vertical:

  • Split-testing different shoppable CTAs.

  • Extending cooperative program partnerships from desktop/mobile to CTV.

  • Reinforcing the ad's core message.

  • Adding new information that the original creative doesn't include.

Commenting on the announcement, Origin CEO (and chief creative daydreamer), Fred Godfrey, said “To appreciate Aperture's potential, it's important to understand how distinctly different Aperture's purpose is as an 'overlay' solution compared to other products.” Clarifying further, Fred went on to say “Where other products focus on building interactive units or squeeze-back ad experiences that require the viewer's attention, Aperture is engineered to co-exist with a brand's creative in such a way that a viewer won't even know it's a separate creative layer. Its job is not to compete with your core message for attention; its job is to reinforce it."

How do we know our investment into building Aperture was worth it? Because within 72 hours of the product coming out of the test lab, it was live.

Origin Aperture 2024 one sheet
Download PDF • 886KB

To learn more about Aperture and to see examples

To schedule a consultation with one of our team, email or book a meeting time here:


Origin is an award-winning creative technology company whose zero code CTV ad formats enable marketers to deliver dynamic and captivating ad experiences in the living room and outside the home. 

With pioneering production techniques and proprietary ad serving technology, agencies, brands, creative teams and programmatic platforms who want to deliver effective, engaging and in the moment stories to their audiences.

Founded by media veterans Stephen Strong and Fred Godfrey, Origin is driven by the simple belief that the time has come to challenge tradition and enrage the status quo. 

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