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Increase The Purpose And ROI Of Your Creative Investments On TV.

Have you ever wondered what the half life of your ad creatives are and what that translates to when it comes to evaluating the 'true cost' of your creative investments and subsequent TV advertising strategy?

Perhaps not - and that's fine. It's normal.


Impressions served using traditionally produced ad creatives that are 'static' in nature run the risk of becoming a depreciating asset the moment they are born. Put another way, static (by which we mean traditional) ad creative formats risk:

  • Losing the viewer's attention once they realize they've seen it before.

  • Developing ad fatigue which can lead to consumer resentment.

  • Becoming stagnant with regards to the message being conveyed.

  • Being irrelevant, unusable or counterproductive in the instance that a sudden or major event happens which affects the brand in some way.

  • Forcing a brand to 'ignore' an opportunity to leverage significant events for the same reason (imagine if an insurance company could react to isolated weather events in real time - more on this shortly).

  • And so on...

From our perspective, treating a traditional ad creative with a 'dynamic overlay' or 'squeezing it back' so that you can run dynamic content around the sides is great, but does not solve the entire problem.

As Origin CEO Fred Godfrey was quoted saying in a video interview with Beet TV in 2021 - Creative agility is something that came out of our obsession to fulfill our mission, which is to enrage the status quo,” Godfrey said. “We’re in this universe of increasingly constant distraction. Having someone’s attention on TV warrants actually earning it.”

What he didn't dive more deeply into back then is how far reaching the benefits of having a truly agile creative strategy can be. Imagine:

  • If you were a fashion brand who could change the look and feel of your creative (as well as the products being promoted) as we step through the seasons.

  • If you were an auto brand and could A/B/C/D/E test different CTA's until you find the right combination of narrative and activation method that 'clicks' with your target audience (we discuss this more here).

  • If you were a winter travel destination who was having an unseasonably strong year with 2 feet of fresh powder falling every day.

The fact is that part of what drives true success when it comes to advertising to audiences at home (and indeed outside) is the ability to present viewers with true value. We're all consumers and let's face it - we're tired of simply being sold to. But if you could tell me where/when/how I could solve a problem that occurred this week - well, you would have my undivided attention.


Blending unique animation techniques with proprietary ad serving technology and media partnerships that span the US, agencies and brands who use Origin's Ad Studio gives advertisers the creative freedom they need to see better outcomes and open new doors.

By empowering our clients to run a virtually limitless series of immersive, relevant, personal and intriguing ad creatives, they are able to tap into the moment and capitalize on the raw emotion that we have proven leads to significantly stronger outcomes.

Here is a highly simplified illustration of what we mean...

In summary, the difference between having a truly agile creative strategy vs a static one can be summed up in 5 points:

Finally - if you've been reading this and regretting the millions you just spent on having a traditional creative produced, fear not. In fact, you should be excited. Why? Because our flagship solution, Origin Slingshot, exists just for you. Snd as you will see from one of our numerous client case studies - it works really rather well.

See you soon!


Origin is a creative technology company whose pioneering advertising solutions have reshaped the way advertisers engage and activate consumers on Connected TV.

Fusing first to market ad formats with proprietary technology and direct distribution deals that span the streaming ecosystem, Origin is engaged by brands, agencies and platforms who are seeking to simplify and amplify their Connected TV strategies.


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