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Origin upgrades 'off-the-shelf' instant Slingshot offering. Adds Dynamic Native CTV series to the mix.

With Origin's flagship Native CTV solution - Slingshot - entering its 5th year of sustained market acceptance & adoption), what better way to celebrate this significant milestone than by giving Connected TV's first ever (and arguably most successful) Native CTV ad format the most comprehensive upgrade it has seen since it was launched?

For the benefit of anyone who isn't familiar with Slingshot:

  • What is Slingshot? Slingshot stitches and serves immersive and engaging 15 second native video clips to CTV ad creatives and delivers them as a single asset in perfect sequence out to your target audience.

  • Why Slingshot? Bring the viewer's attention back to the TV screen during an ad break, immerse them in a specific, even contextually relevant mindset and lead them into your ad in a more attentive and prepared frame of mind.

  • How is Slingshot available? There are 2 basic 'flavors' of Slingshot:

    • Native CTV content that is pre-produced and instantly available: Focus/Prime (see showcase).

    • Fully custom Native CTV content that is produced by our in-house animation studio for specific CTV ad campaigns: Imagine (see showcase).

Here is a brief demonstration of Slingshot Prime in a regular CTV ad break


Until now, the instantly available Native CTV Slingshot content that has been available for brands, agencies and programmatic platforms to enhance their ad campaigns with has been 'static' in nature and simply updated on a regular basis in order to keep it fresh.

Today, with the release of Origin's first ever off the shelf 100% dynamic Slingshot series, all of that changes. Through popular demand, we have chosen for the first dynamic Slingshot series to show today's weather forecast IN THE STATE where the viewer is watching.

This is what it looks like

Before we go...

Who could benefit from running their ads after weather-based Native CTV content?

Remember - the purpose of Slingshot is to place your viewer in a 'closer' mindset, be it directly or indirectly.


(Thinking about weather is a priority when you think about travel)


(Weather often follows News - and politics is news)


(Weather dictates social schedules - and social schedules include garden parties etc)

...and so on.

If you want to read more about Origin's weather based Slingshot offering - click here.

To learn how you can elevate performance by serving your ads against Slingshot's dynamic weather-based Native CTV content - click here or request a meeting below.


Origin is an award-winning creative technology company whose zero code CTV ad formats give marketers unparalleled creative liberty in the living room and outside the home. 

Fusing pioneering production techniques with proprietary technology and direct distribution, Origin's solutions are embraced by media agencies, brands, creative teams and programmatic platforms who understand the value of being able to deliver relevant, engaging and ‘in the moment’ ad experiences to their audience.

Founded by media veterans Stephen Strong and Fred Godfrey, Origin is driven by the simple belief that the time has come to challenge tradition and enrage the status quo. 

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