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Watch on demand: OTT.X Online Live panel, discussing how brands can maximize value on Connected TV (CTV)

It was our great pleasure to have Origin CEO, Fred Godfrey, share the virtual stage recently with none other than the talented and extremely wise CTO of GumGum, Ken Weiner, during OTT.X's most recent Online Live event.

In this 30 minute discussion, they explored a number of diverse monetization and business models that advertisers and agencies might think about, from traditional ad placements to sponsorships, integrations, & more - all with the goal of identifying the most effective strategies for brands and advertisers in the FAST streaming space.

Moderating the discussion was Don Lupo, Executive Director of ThinkLA.

So break out your popcorn! Because without further ado, here is the discussion they had...

To catch up with the other great discussions that were had during this half day event, you can click here to watch more.


Origin is an award-winning creative technology company whose zero code CTV ad formats give marketers unparalleled creative liberty in the living room and outside the home. 

Fusing pioneering production techniques with proprietary technology and direct distribution, Origin's solutions are embraced by media agencies, brands, creative teams and programmatic platforms who understand the value of being able to deliver relevant, engaging and ‘in the moment’ ad experiences to their audience.

Founded by media veterans Stephen Strong and Fred Godfrey, Origin is driven by the simple belief that the time has come to challenge tradition and enrage the status quo. Learn more at


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