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What Native CTV advertising looks like in a regular CTV ad break (simulation).

In this age of distraction, change is needed and we are proud to be playing a leading role in bringing this change to the market and at Origin, we have chosen to turn our backs on convention and instead explore new ways for brands to elevate their presence and purpose on Connected TV.

Part of our commitment to change that meets the needs of today's advertisers includes taking a completely new approach to how brands can find more success in the 'living room' and the result of this led to us bringing to market our flagship ad format in 2020 - Origin Slingshot.

However - when a completely new CTV advertising format comes to market, it can be hard to 'visualize' what it looks like, so to fix this we have created a series of examples where Slingshot is being used in a full ad break simulation.

Have a look through the following videos, perhaps find one more relevant to the industry vertical you work in and if you're still unsure about how it looks, works or executes - then drop us a line and we will be happy to take a few minutes walking you through it...


For demonstration purposes only


For demonstration purposes only


For demonstration purposes only


For demonstration purposes only


For demonstration purposes only

Finally, if you're scratching your head wondering what it is that Slingshot brings to the party in terms of purpose or outcomes, then this might help:

Still got questions? Great! Drop us a line and we can chat -


Origin is an award-winning creative technology company whose zero code TV advertising solutions have reshaped the way marketers captivate and communicate with consumers inside and outside the home.

Fusing pioneering CTV ad formats with proprietary technology and direct media partnerships that span the streaming ecosystem, Origin's solutions are embraced by brands, agencies and platforms who are seeking to deliver a stronger storytelling experience to their audience.

Founded by media veterans Fred Godfrey and Stephen Strong, Origin is driven by a relentless belief that the time has come to challenge tradition and enrage the status quo. Learn more at


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