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VISIT FLORIDA Taps Origin For Groundbreaking Dynamic Native CTV Ad Campaign To Amplify Performance.

Independent brand studies reveal the company’s first use of dynamic creative optimization (DCO) drove a 73% increase in likelihood that viewers would seek more information.


VISIT FLORIDA launched a new CTV campaign aimed at driving vacationers to Florida and partnered with Origin, whose pioneering Native CTV ad formats elevate viewer attention and engagement to amplify its ad creatives.

By leveraging Origin’s flagship custom native solution, Slingshot, VISIT FLORIDA saw a significant increase in:

  • Mental attentiveness

  • Ad recall

  • Consideration

  • The outcome of a specific call to action (seeking out additional information).


For the campaign, Origin built a dynamic 15-second native content environment that ran directly ahead of VISIT FLORIDA’s existing ad creative on CTV.

The objective of this dynamic Native content (ad Toppers) was to engage the viewers with the TV screen and lead them into the VISIT FLORIDA ad primed for its message.

To accomplish this key objective, Origin leveraged IBM Watson weather data to target audiences in specific areas where the temperature was below 32-degrees, or where there were snowy or icy conditions and present them with that day’s weather forecast in Florida. Origin then used its creative technology capabilities to dynamically optimize the native ‘Ad Toppers’ so that they showcased the forecast highs in key tourist destinations across Florida that day.

Here is how it looked - the first 15 seconds is the dynamic native content produced by Origin in-house and the second 15 seconds is the VISIT FLORIDA ad creative:


Independent brand studies by Lucid and LoopMe as well as attention-based data from TVision found that Origin’s dynamic ad Topper paired with VISIT FLORIDA creative significantly elevated campaign performance compared to when the ad ran on its own.

The study found:

  • Ads primed by native ad Toppers were more memorable than the ads that ran alone, increasing ad recall 16.25%

  • Ad attentiveness increased by 64% vs the ad that ran alone.

  • Viewers were 2.25x more likely to consider making Florida a destination this year after seeing the ad in a native environment.

  • Viewers were 73% more likely to seek more information on Florida as a getaway destination.

For more details on this Visit Florida Native CTV advertising campaign - click here.



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