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What Makes The Origin Ad Studio So Different?

Blending unique creative capabilities with proprietary ad serving technology and direct media partnerships that span the US, the Origin Ad Studio is engaged by brands who believe that one ad cannot possibly fit all.

What do we mean by that?

Simple - tradition dictates that a brand can only have one (or two) ads for a CTV ad campaign. We disagree, because we believe that:

Origin's unique creative technique coupled with a highly professional human touch allows brands to run virtually limitless ad creatives in a single campaign.

Furthermore, our in-house studio teams are professionals in the production of broadcast grade ads. This includes:

  • Custom production from start to finish.

  • 2d and 3d video animation.

  • Professional voice-overs and audio tracks.

  • Inclusion of b-roll or stock images.

  • 6s | 15s | 30s creative run times.

The Process

Engaging Origin as your CTV ad creative solution is a simple one and the process we take you through once you are on board is equally simple:

  • DISCOVERY: Production starts with a 45 minute discovery call where you will meet our in-house animation studio to discuss the strategic objectives of your CTV campaign.

  • DEVELOPMENT: Once we have the information required and starting from a blank canvas, we’ll design a unique ad template that will serve as the bedrock of your ad creatives

  • PRODUCTION: After we receive full creative and legal approval of your unique ad design, the creation of your first batch of ads will start.

Key benefits

Results that speak for themselves

A unique business model

Turning the fee structure on its head, our clients benefit from bypassing the need to pay upfront fees, retainers and other fixed costs that traditional creative agencies charge for a single ad that has a limited shelf life:

  • When Origin is trafficking your campaign, everything from the production of your ad creatives to targeting, measurement, brand studies and more is included in a single campaign CPM.

  • For brands who prefer to handle their own media buying, you simply pay a low, flat CPM when your ads are served

Want to know more?


Origin is a creative technology company whose pioneering advertising solutions have reshaped the way advertisers engage and activate consumers on Connected TV.

Fusing first to market ad formats with proprietary technology and direct distribution deals that span the streaming ecosystem, Origin is engaged by brands, agencies and platforms who are seeking to simplify and amplify their Connected TV strategies.

Origin was founded by media veterans Fred Godfrey and Stephen Strong whose careers have been shaped by their relentless commitment to enraging the status quo. Learn more at


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