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Personalized CTV Advertising is about more than finding the right person.

What does it truly take to stand out in the living room?

There's a lot of talk in the advertising industry about 'personalized advertising' and a multitude of different methods and solutions that claim to make your campaign personalized.

Here are the most common ways brands work to 'personalize' their campaigns:

  • Use of 1st and 3rd party data to target and deliver ads to consumers with interests and buying habits that reflect the brand.

  • Deployment of clickable ads, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

  • Addition of geo-specific end-cards and overlays that give geographically relevant information (such as the address of the nearest auto dealership to the home where the ad is running).

  • Running ads on specific channels that relates in some way to their brand, using the assumption that if someone is watching a certain type of content then they will also be interested in their products.

  • Leveraging cross-screen marketing to push the consumer through the funnel, getting a little more granular as they go.

All of this is really smart, but at the end of the day the true impact of everything above will depend heavily on the most important piece of the equation - the creative itself. In other words, how effective can all of that planning above be, if the brand's message itself is generic for everyone?

Here is where Origin Prime steps in.

At Origin we produce immersive, engaging and deeply relevant short form native content that is formatted to run directly before or around standard ads on Connected TV, inside ad breaks. Called Toppers, this short form native content is engineered to capture the attention of the room, engage the viewer in active thought or dialogue and deliver them into the brand's ad mentally and emotionally primed.

But for Origin's Native CTV Content to truly draw the viewer in, the content itself must speak to the viewer on a personal level. So, we never make just one piece of Native CTV Content to wrap around an ad - we produce as many as the client needs, and distribute each one into the appropriate home.

Beyond that, thanks to the way our animation studio has been built, there an agility to the Toppers that enable the advertiser to change the message being disseminated in their Toppers:

Want to learn more? Contact us today:


Origin is a pioneering media and advertising company whose first to market creative solutions are reshaping how brands connect with consumers on Connected TV.

The original architects of ‘Native CTV’, Origin’s in-house studio produces engaging native content for advertisers that is designed to capture the attention of a room, immerse the audience in active dialogue and elevate the connection they feel towards a brand.

Origin Media was founded by media veterans Freddie Godfrey and Stephen Strong, whose success has been shaped by a relentless commitment to disrupting the status quo. Learn more at


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