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Three Things You Must Consider Before Using QR Codes In CTV Advertising

The use of QR codes in Connected TV advertising is on the up and up. In fact, rarely does an ad break go by when we won't see one.

They create a seamless portal through which brands can engage their target audiences and the way in which can engage goes far beyond sending them to a simple site page on the mobile device they used to scan the code.

But are they being used right?

Here are the top three most important things to think about before you consider using a QR Code in your Connected TV ad campaign:

  1. Size & background. The code must be a certain size, with a certain amount of 'dark space' around it if it is work for a viewer sitting back on their couch.

  2. Destination. How do you want to activate someone on their phone?

  3. Time & desire. Do you want people's brains paying attention to your beautiful and expensive ad, or going through the mental process of:

    1. Oh look, a cool ad!

    2. Oh look, a QR code!

    3. Is this relevant to me?

    4. Ok it is, where's my phone? Oh, it's in my hand!

    5. Right, unlock.

    6. Umm, activate camera.

    7. Am i close enough?

At Origin, we look at solutions through the lens of a consumer. Why? Because we are also consumers and we won't build/sell anything to a brand unless we think we would use it ourselves.

That's the Origin way.


Origin is a pioneering media and technology company whose first to market native advertising solutions are reshaping how brands engage and activate consumers on Connected TV.

The original architects of ‘Native CTV’, Origin’s in-house animation studio produces engaging native content for advertisers that is designed to capture the attention of a room, immerse the audience in active dialogue and elevate the connection they feel towards a brand.

Origin Media was founded by media veterans Freddie Godfrey and Stephen Strong, whose success has been shaped by a relentless commitment to disrupting the status quo. Learn more at


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