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The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Measure The Effectiveness of Your CTV advertising Investments.

Establishing the right measurement metrics on Connected TV depends on what your goals/KPI's (aka where in the funnel you intend for the CTV element of your investment to take the viewer) - awareness, consideration or activation.


One of the most reliable metrics we've all become used to in digital advertising is the 'click', but in Connected TV clicks should not be the benchmark and here is why: while clicking a remote control is doable, the world of CTV is a fundamentally 'lean-back' environment and therefore NOT one that we should expect viewers to engage with physically. You can read more here. Bottom line: if the reason for making an ad clickable/interactive is so you can measure its success, it is likely that your campaign will 'fail' thanks to the simple environment it is being served in.

As such, the metrics you choose should depend on both internal capabilities (e.g. tracking site traffic and mapping it against households exposed to the ad) and external factors (e.g. plans to retarget viewers on other screens).


Here are the best practices we have established at Origin for measuring the CTV only portion of our clients' campaigns. These practices are all in addition to basic ad measurements (CPVC, viewability etc) all of which should be be taken for granted:

  • Awareness: Brand Study, with simple questions like 'Do you recall seeing an ad for x on your Smart TV in the last 30 days?'

  • Consideration: Brand Study, with additional questions like 'Are you thinking about purchasing/gifting/watching x?'

  • Activation: Brand Study + FourSquare tracking.

Finally, while extremely nascent, there is growing interest in activating consumers on their second screen (e.g. mobile) through tools such as QR Codes. At Origin we believe strongly in the potential of second screen activation and would welcome its use here, and while we would absolutely aim to measure its usage, we would still not recommend it as being the primary way of establishing whether or not your campaign was a success. You can read more about QR code based activation here.


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