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NEWS: Origin Partners With ReachTV To Meet Needs Of Flourishing DOOH Advertising Industry.

The deal marks Origin’s latest commitment to expanding

its creative reach beyond the ‘living room’.

With air travel returning to pre-pandemic levels and the need by brands for more agile and innovative creative solutions evolving outside the home, we are pleased to announce that Origin has teamed up with ReachTV in a move designed to help usher in a new era of opportunity for Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertisers.

While the partnership is key to helping Origin deliver on its own strategic objectives, it has also empowered ReachTV to leverage Origin's in-house animation studio for their own client needs. By offering their advertisers highly effective and cost efficient creative services, the partnership has helped ReachTVs clients increase the reach and efficacy of their ad content that runs on 2,500+ airport screens across North America.

We have numerous advertisers who want to capitalize on the unique exposure ReachTV provides, and we are always looking for ways to optimize our campaigns,” said Lynwood Bibbens, ReachTV CEO. “Partnering with Origin has allowed us to leverage their pioneering creative capabilities to deliver both increased ad value and more relevant content for our viewers.”

Origin's Head of Enterprise Partnerships, Molly McArdle, went on to add -

"There are partnerships that require considerable thought when it comes to ensuring both sides get full value from working together and there are partnerships where the mutual benefits are so organic that they simply happen". McArdle goes on to say “Not only is our partnership with ReachTV the latter of those two, but what really stands out is the opportunity it has given both of us to elevate our respective offerings.

Origin’s growth into DOOH comes just two months after we announced our expansion into Latin America and four months after we announced 162% growth in net revenue year-over-year and the tripling in number of our pioneering creative products.



ReachTV is a free ad-supported streaming television network, with 2,500+ screens in 90 commercial airports and 58 private/FBO airports across North America. ReachTV brings together tech, data and storytelling to offer viewers a new connected media experience during travel.

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Origin is a creative technology company whose pioneering advertising solutions have reshaped the way advertisers engage and activate consumers on Connected TV.

Fusing first to market ad formats with proprietary technology and direct distribution deals that span the streaming ecosystem, Origin is engaged by brands, agencies and platforms who are seeking to simplify and amplify their Connected TV strategies.

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