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Origin is attending CES 2022 - Let's Meet!

Over the last two and a half years, Origin has successfully managed to navigate its growth from nothing to the leading provider of Native CTV solutions for some of the greatest agencies & brands in our beloved industry.

Almost exclusively without ever having met a single person face-to-face.

Well, those days are starting to fall behind us and where better to make our formal physical debut than one of the most famous (or should i say 'infamous') events that until recently we've all been umming and aaarrring over.


CES 2022.

And we would love to meet you.

From our sumptuous suite at The Cosmopolitan with wraparound terrace, views of the fountain and endlessly restocking minibar:

  • We will be hosting fireside talks with other disruptors.

  • We will be announcing new Origin solutions.

  • We will be taking media briefings.

  • We will be making ourselves open and available to YOU.

So, if you would like to meet then drop us a line at and let's get it locked in!

Until then, stay safe out there friends.



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