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Origin's Weekly CTV update - courtesy of Jay Wolff

Welcome back from your Memorial Day weekend, time for a special second installment of Origin's: Some Good News: The CTV/OTT Edition.


Phenomenal news in our media world:  "Some Good News" was sold last week to ViacomCBS following a massive bidding war. In only two months, the Some Good News YouTube channel collected 2.56 million subscribers, with some episodes receiving as many as 17 million views. #WOW #MASSIVEGOOD

Onto more goodness.....


- Are you wearing your sewed mask properly? Find the answer out through a snackable :15 that can be stitched together with a branded video asset across OTT platforms including Roku, Amazon Fire, AppleTV and more.: "Living Well Tips" (Sponsorable CDC MSA!) **Value Add, look out for an actress from Ghostbusters and Pretty in Pink!  2. GOOD VIBES ONLY: - For All: Wisconsin Woman: Random Acts of Kindness! - For Marketers and Media Mavens:  Cholesterol Chameleon (1st to Market) 3. BACK TO WORK TRIVIA: "When Did Ford Motor Co. Sell It's First Motor Vehicle?" Are you considering Turbo Charged CTV/OTT in your digital video strategy? 

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