native, non-branded asset + brand ad + distribution

primary benefit

Subtle, immersive, highly effective custom produced assets that 'prime' the viewer ahead of the brand's ad

good for

Performance based brands.

Brands with pre-existing video assets that would benefit from having the viewer mentally 'in the funnel' when the ad starts to run

immersive setting

An industry first, Origin's unique suite of advanced CTV marketing solutions include the production of custom-made native content that runs directly adjacent to a brand's regular CTV ads. 


This custom content immerses the viewer in a specific mindset, priming them to connect and engage with the brand's ad more effectively than if they were to watch the ad on its own.

premium distribution

Operating on an exclusively direct basis with all of the leading CTV streaming platforms, Origin's fully vetted distribution relationships allow us to reach into >65% of livings rooms across the country.

Leveraging over 10,500 data points that can be matched to these households, we use industry-leading audience targeting to ensure anything we traffic is delivered to the right viewer.