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Origin's 5 Rules Of Business Engagement

It takes a combination of tenacity, courage, caution and stubbornness for a company to stand out. So as an independent and boot-strapped business that has to fight every day for its share of a multi-billion dollar industry, we've naturally come to adopt and embrace certain 'rules of engagement'.

These rules have not only helped us survive - but thrive.

While to some it might appear self-aggrandizing or hubristic, we want to share these natural learnings in the hope that perhaps one of them might be useful.



Who are we?

Origin is a creative technology company whose pioneering Native CTV advertising solutions have reshaped the way brands engage and activate consumers on the largest screen in the home.


What do we do?

We've created advertising solutions that have allowed brands to rethink

their definition of success on Connected TV.



How do we go about doing business?

If you think you've done a 'good enough' job for a client, then you've probably not stretched the limits of what you could have done for them.

On the basis that you respect and understand the difference between being confident vs complacent, then questioning absolutely everything is the only way you'll discover truly new ways of doing anything.

Ask yourself which you would rather do - go treasure hunting in the same field as 10 other treasure hunters, or explore the field next door? Just because they're all in the same place, it doesn't mean it's the only place you'll find gold. Quite the opposite. It makes you 10 times less likely to be the one who finds it.

There is a nearly invisible line separating delusion and denial from reality, but if you can see where it is then you should let your imagination roam free for as long as it takes to find out if you're onto something. Or not.

A fundamental requirement of being an agent of change is having a basis from which you can anchor your vision. Only once you fully understand the history and foundation of the world you are in can you be sure that you're searching new territory.



Origin's mission statement.


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