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Next level Native CTV Advertising - Origin Slingshot INSTANT vs Slingshot INSTANTplus.

With the benefits of serving CTV ads in a Native CTV environment powered by Origin Slingshot proving its value across every industry vertical, Origin's first to market Native CTV advertising solution is gaining mainstream adoption and needs are growing.

First, what is Origin Slingshot?

Fusing dynamic content production with proprietary ad serving technology, Slingshot dynamically stitches and serves attention-grabbing 15 second Native CTV content directly adjacent to existing ad creatives, inside standard CTV ad breaks.

What does Slingshot accomplish for brands?

In this brief article, we demonstrate 2 variations of Slingshot side-by-side:

  • Slingshot INSTANT

  • Slingshot INSTANTplus

A third variation, Slingshot PRIME, is also in market and growing faster in its adoption than anything else we've ever introduced, but for today we are focusing on the two above.


Slingshot INSTANT

Description: Contextually relevant, pre-built 15s Native CTV ad primers

For: Brands who want more attentive viewers who are also in the right mental mindset.


demo only

Slingshot INSTANTplus

Description: Contextually relevant, pre-built 15s Native CTV ad primers with copy that the advertiser has customized for their campaign.

For: Brands who want to control the narrative (aka copy) in the ad primer so that is more relevant to their exact needs.


demo only

Use cases

Here are just three reasons why Slingshot INSTANTplus might be right for you:

  • You need to reinforce a certain word or message that follows in the ad.

  • You want to 'localize' or 'personalize' a more national, generic brand ad.

  • Your brand ad would benefit from you choosing precisely what kind of mental or emotional mindset the viewer is in before they see it.

How to get your own, exclusive Native CTV INSTANTplus series:

  1. Visit our Slingshot INSTANT library.

  2. Find the series that has already been created for your vertical (eg food delivery).

  3. Click 'Submit custom copy request'.

  4. Provide the Origin team with the copy you want to replace the existing copy with.

  5. Approve the assets we produce and go!

It's that simple.

Better yet, there is NO LIMIT to how many Slingshot INSTANTplus assets you can request.

To learn more about Origin Slingshot and the power of Native CTV advertising - click here.

It's time your message got personal.


Origin is an award-winning creative technology company whose zero code TV advertising solutions have reshaped the way marketers captivate and communicate with consumers inside and outside the home.

Fusing pioneering CTV ad formats with proprietary technology and direct media partnerships that span the streaming ecosystem, Origin's solutions are embraced by brands, agencies and platforms who are seeking to deliver a stronger storytelling experience to their audience.

Founded by media veterans Fred Godfrey and Stephen Strong, Origin is driven by a relentless belief that the time has come to challenge tradition and enrage the status quo. Learn more at


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