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CTV Case Study - Origin Slingshot Drives 40% Lift In Attention For Food Delivery Company

Origin's instant Native CTV Advertising solution, Slingshot, created a 40% lift in the attention consumers paid to a food delivery brand's ad vs the same ad when it ran by itself on Connected TV.

Food deliver is BIG business. But because of this, competition is fierce and that makes it extremely difficult to get the viewer's attention when they're sitting back watching TV.

What's particularly important to note about this case study is that the 40% lift in awareness that the ad saw required the demand partner to do nothing. Their CTV ad creative was simply fed through Origin's Native CTV SSP, automatically paired to a 15s piece of contextually relevant native content and delivered out to the consumer in the following order:

The purpose of running what is effectively 'native pre-roll' ahead of an ad is simple:

  • Our unique animation style helps bring eyeballs back to the screen during an ad break when attention tends to drift.

  • With the content not being an ad, it helps engage and immerse the viewer (and co-viewers) in a discussion or thought that is marginally relevant to the ad they are about to see.

  • It delivers them into the ad better primed for the brand's message.

The results speak for themselves and to think that the buyer had to do absolutely nothing to see this elevation in attention makes the results even more meaningful.

To read the full Native CTV case study:



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Fusing first to market ad formats with proprietary technology and direct distribution deals that span the streaming ecosystem, Origin is engaged by brands, agencies and platforms who are seeking to simplify and amplify their Connected TV strategies.

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