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CTV vs OTT - Your visual guide to the difference.

It may be 2021, but the fact is that out in the world, transacting as we speak, are industry buyers/sellers who do not fully understand their streaming acronyms and because of this their is a chance that:

  • Agencies/brands are BUYING something for more than it's worth.

  • Ad sellers are SELLING something for less than it's worth.

  • Industry leaders are educating the next generation of digital advertising marketers on a shaky and inaccurate bedrock.

If this is you, then before you close this tab in disgust realize this:


The most serious misunderstanding stems from the difference between CTV (Connected TV and OTT (Over The Top). How? Because when people talk about 'CTV/OTT' they are suggesting that they mean the same thing. But they are not.

As you can see in this infographic, CTV is a subset of OTT.


The keyword is SUBSET.

Fundamentally, 'Over The Top' (OTT) is the umbrella term, under which all content streaming exists - this includes mobile, tablet, phablet, laptop, desktop and televisions with an internet connection.

So the next time someone is extolling the virtues of 'CTV/OTT', there is a chance that they don't know the different. And if they don't know the difference, then you're not going to get the full value of each screen.

In our next post, we talk about the unique value props of CTV vs the other screens - and why it is so important that it's separated from the rest of the pack.

At Origin, we are exclusively CTV, so if you have any questions about then drop us a line and we'd be happy to talk -


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