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What Industries Benefit The Most From Native Advertising On CTV?

The benefits of Native CTV Advertising have no boundaries when it comes to the industries it can help amplify in the living room.

The verticals that Native CTV Advertising have an application for are numerous and have so far proven highly effective across auto, pharma, finance, retail, consumer electronics, travel and much more.

Over the last few years it has become clear that certain industry verticals have a more urgent need for Native CTV advertising, because it solves problems that otherwise allude them.

  • If a brand operates in a vertical that might be considered 'unglamorous', then it is even harder to get viewers paying attention to their ads.

  • If a brand sells a product that requires a certain level of education for its consumers to have before they see its relevance, serving an ad alone is sometimes not enough.

  • If a brand's ambitions for CTV advertising have evolved into a need to be more of a performance/results marketing investment, then Native CTV Advertising is certainly worth exploring.

Here are a few specific examples:


With microchip shortages continuing to disrupt new vehicle sales, a leading auto manufacturer engaged Origin to elevate the impact of their 'certified pre-owned vehicles' Native CTV ad campaign. To enhance their existing CTV ad creative, they wanted the Native CTV element to increase its ability to: educate, engage and elevate awareness among consumers of their pre-owned vehicle program above other retailers.


With travel restrictions easing across the United States, 'domestic' destinations are proving a popular choice by travel-hungry Americans. As this happens, travel ad spend is surging and so our client deployed a Native CTV solution that would amplify their message and help it stand out among the competition.


As schools started opening back up towards the end of 2021, a leading sportswear brand with a popular children's clothing line was keen to be front of mind with parent parents as they planned for their kids to go back to class. To help them enhance their 'Back To School' ad creative, they engaged Origin for a Native CTV advertising solution that would enable them to "cut through the noise" of their competition, while at the same time elevating their key message of female empowerment.


A leading consumer electronics company and their agency activated Origin's premier Native CTV solution, Origin Prime, for their Connected TV Holiday ad campaign promoting a new robot cleaning product. To accomplish this, they used one of Origin's Native CTV ad solutions to ​enhance and distribute the brand's main ad creatives in a way that would elevate their effectiveness and ability to educate consumers, strengthen brand affinity and elevate overall brand awareness.

If you would like to learn more about Native CTV Advertising, drop us a line and let's talk -


Origin is a creative technology company whose pioneering Native CTV advertising solutions are reshaping the way brands engage and activate consumers on the largest screen in the home.

Fusing dynamic content animation with proprietary ad serving technology, Origin's Native CTV ad formats elevate attention, recall, consideration and outcomes for brands who want to amplify their presence on Connected TV.

Origin was founded by media veterans Fred Godfrey and Stephen Strong whose careers have been shaped by their relentless commitment to enraging the status quo. Learn more at


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