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Webinars with ORIGIN: Has the time come to take the C out of CTV?

Today, 80% of households have at least one smart TV or streaming device, and 23% of households have cut the cord completely. We partnered with LoopMe to conduct a nationwide survey that captures viewers’ own responses on how they watch shows and movies at home. Is streaming is really replacing “TV” as we know it… and has the time come to take the C out of CTV?

Along with Origin Co-Founder Freddie Godfrey, industry experts Uzo Ometu of BlackOakTV, Devin Fallon of Vizio Ads, marketing advisor Pete Harrison, Gavin Bridge of Variety Intelligence Platform and Origin's Marketing & Comms lead Jessica Wright will discuss this very question on a panel style webinar on June 22 at 1 pm EST.

Discover what self-reported "TV" consumption habits look like and unlock the perspective of the viewer with our survey results. Listen to how a CTV channel owner, a FAST service, a CTV industry analyst, and CTV marketing & tech experts respond and interpret the reported viewing habits, and how this informs brand and advertiser budgets for connected TV.


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