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WATCH: Origin discusses its zero-code overlay solution, Aperture, with Rick Howe from Televisionation.

By Rick Howe, Televisionation.

The Friday Fireside welcomed Fred Godfrey, CEO of Origin, to talk about their new product Aperture.

Fred goes into detail on how Aperture’s dynamic video overlays can enhance CTV Advertising and CTV content, with specific examples from automobiles to casual dining.

Aperture is there to reinforce your message, blending so seamlessly with your creative that viewers won’t even know it’s a separate layer,” he says. Fred waxes so rhapsodic about the “perfect harmony between content and Aperture” that the good doctor was tempted to release the Snow White Turtle Doves…

Here is the 20 minute interview Fred had with Rick Howe

Here is a 90 second introduction to Aperture

To learn more about Aperture


Origin is an award-winning Creative Technology company whose zero code CTV ad formats enable marketers to deliver dynamic and responsive ad experiences in the living room and outside the home. 

With unparalleled creative capabilities and proprietary ad serving technology, Origin’s off-the-shelf and custom solutions are trusted by agencies, brands, creative teams and programmatic platforms who want the ads they run to get the attention, engagement and outcomes they deserve.

Founded by media veterans Stephen Strong and Fred Godfrey, Origin is driven by the belief that to win a viewer today, we must look beyond how it was done yesterday.


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