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The Original Architects of Native CTV

Three years ago we had a vision of how we could elevate the impact of traditional Connected TV ads for brands who wanted to stand out from the crowd and above the noise.

Three years on the product we had a vision for is not only real, but it is delivering results for brands on CTV.

In an interview the company's Co-Founder and CEO gave recently for he described it a very 'human' way:

"What we’re about at Origin Media, Inc is turning an ad break into an experience — a contextually sensitive, native setting within which an advertiser can plant their brand. We forge a mental connection with a viewer directly ahead of a brand’s ad that is designed to put them effectively into the funnel, but really into a specific mental or emotional frame of mind ahead of an ad."

It's time we improved the advertising experience all around - not just for brands, but for the people watching them too.


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