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What You Need To Know About Effective QR Code Advertising On Connected TV (CTV).

Invented in 1994 by Denso Wave, there have been continuous attempts by different industries to adopt the QR Code. But despite best efforts, the humble QR Code has never quite had the chops needed to achieve mainstream adoption.

So if there was one surprising outcome of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is the universal adoption of the QR Code in restaurants, bars, cafe's, pubs, stores, name it. If you've had a chance to leave your home in the last 12 months then you've probably used a QR Code somewhere.

The fact is that not only do consumers now understand what they are and how to use them, but the QR Code has become the thing that connects us with a reward - be it a cold beer or hot meal.

When it comes to the use of QR Codes in digital advertising, there is no better place for their use than the Connected TV and there's no one more experienced in their adoption than Origin. We've been testing, learning and researching the use of QR Codes in CTV for almost 2 years and it is astonishing how many factors need to go into their successful use when it comes to engaging and activating CTV audiences.

Here are the top three reasons why Origin is the leader in QR Code use on CTV:

  1. The best place for a QR isn't inside/over an ad, it's around it. Look at it this way - as an advertiser which would you rather: a consumer fumbling around with their phone while your ad is playing, or a consumer able to focus on your ad while already where you want them on your phone? In other words, the perfect place for a QR Code is within one of Origin's Native Toppers that are engineered to run before or around an ad.

  2. There are certain logistical obstacles that need to be known before adopting QR Codes in your advertising strategy. For example, the physical size of the code on the TV screen needs to take into consideration the average distance between a viewer on their sofa and the TV you're asking them to scan.

  3. QR Codes are about so much more than sending someone to a site. They can be used to set a calendar notification in a phone that reminds someone about a sale coming up, send a text message, call a number, send an email, go name it. This is what innovation with QR Codes on Connected TV is about.

So, will the COVID-19 pandemic finally get Americans to accept, trust and embrace QR Codes? Yes. QR Codes are here to stay and the largest screen in the home is the most natural place for them to exist when it comes to digital advertising.

To learn more about Origin and how we can help you elevate the impact of your CTV marketing strategies, drop us a line and let's chat:


Origin is a pioneering media and advertising company whose first to market creative solutions are reshaping how brands connect with consumers on Connected TV.

The original architects of ‘Native CTV’, Origin’s in-house studio produces engaging native content for advertisers that is designed to capture the attention of a room, immerse the audience in active dialogue and elevate the connection they feel towards a brand.

Origin Media was founded by media veterans Freddie Godfrey and Stephen Strong, whose success has been shaped by a relentless commitment to disrupting the status quo. Learn more at


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