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The Difference Between CTV and OTT Is More Than you Think

Even the largest and most established agencies get this wrong, so if you're not 100% clear on how Connected TV sits and separates itself within the broader streaming world, then this article is for you.

Before you read on, allow me to qualify myself as someone who you can trust with the definitions - I'm Fred Godfrey and I've been involved in the CTV business since before it went mainstream. Long before. In fact, the company i started with a fellow media veteran is exclusively about CTV and designed to help brands overcome the challenges that come with Connected TV advertising. It is the very existence of these challenges that are the things which make CTV so different from OTT.

Here are the basics. First, let's define CTV:

Connected TV

Any television that has an internet connection or is connected to the internet via a streaming device (e.g. Roku), gaming console (e.g. PS4) or set top box.

Key differences

CTV is:

  • NOT clickable.

  • LARGE screen only (It's literally the television).

  • LEANBACK, vs lean in.

CTV is OTT, but OTT is not CTV - it is what makes Connected TV so special. It is everything that is incredible and amazing about the TV, but with all the perks of superior targeting, measurement, attribution and exposure.

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