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Self-Serve Native Programmatic CTV advertising - only with Origin.

Over the last 2 weeks or so, the team at Origin has been going bonkers about the potential that our first to market 'self-serve, native programmatic CTV solution' brings to programmatic traders.

By running eg a piece of native (unbranded) healthcare trivia directly ahead of a healthcare ad, the viewer is:

  1. Re-engaged with the TV (trivia will do that).

  2. Thinking about their health.

  3. Mentally 'primed' for the ad about to come.

Well, arriving June 1st will be the industry's first ever fully self-serve 100% native programmatic trading environment, where buyers will not only be able to buy into 100% fraud-free, brand safe, FEP CTV supply - they can also PICK WHAT THEY RUN THEIR ADS AFTER.

Did we just contextually relevant CTV advertising? I think so.


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