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QR Codes - The New Darling of Connected TV Advertising (CTV)?

QR Codes in Connected TV are 'The Comeback Kid' - there's no denying it. However, while the big questions being asked by the agencies and brands who are looking to embrace QR Codes for their upcoming CTV advertising campaigns are important and tangible, are they the right questions to be asking? Because if they're anything remotely like the questions being asked as recently as 2020, then the answer is probably NO.

Most of the signals coming out of our industry by agencies who are re-adopting QR Codes suggests 'more of the same' when it comes to their intended use, but the fact is that they can do far more today than they used to and there are more ways of being able to present and track their use. On top of this, areas such as CTV 'measurement' are starting to evolve thanks to developments being made by companies including LoopMe and TVision (two highly trusted partners of ours at Origin). And then there's the format, place and timing by which we can now present a QR Code to a CTV viewer - all very different to what we could do only 12 months ago.

As arguably the most progressive leaders in the use of QR Codes when it comes to Connected TV Advertising, we believe this means a fresh start needs to be taken when it comes to how success should be defined, let alone what they should be doing for the brand re-adopting them.

So if you want to know what we think about QR Code Advertising on CTV, drop us a line and let's chat -


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