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Are QR Codes The Solution To Privacy-Safe Ad Measurement On CTV? Find Out Here.

Compared to phone numbers and URLs, QR codes have significantly more potential as a CTA for TV advertisers while at the same time creating a truly robust. Let's find out why.

With the rise in adoption of QR codes by restaurants to avoid the unwanted spread of germs between customers, it is estimated that about 83.4 million smartphones users in the US will scan a QR code in 2022, marking a 10% rise from last year. This mainstream acceptance by consumers has given them a new and potential purpose in the living room, on Connected TV (CTV). Better still, the nature of how they work provides a safe and effective form of ad measurement for brands keen to bring attribution to the game.

By placing QR codes in TV ads, advertisers can use them to make direct contact with their target audience and determine without doubt if audiences were influenced enough to perform some kind of definitive action. Better yet, the way they operate means that brands can even measure campaigns in a privacy-safe manner as they do not need to navigate CTV’s attribution systems to gather valuable data from QR codes.

On that same note, another benefit of QR codes for CTV aside from ad measurement is that this direct connection prevents other brands from getting in the way of your efforts. For example, if you see an ad for something you like and choose to search for it online, there is a very strong possibility that the first thing you see is a sponsored ad by one of the brand's competitors.

With a QR code, this simply does not happen.

But before you dive into using them, QR codes also come with certain limitations which in turn lead to the need for critical best practices. For example, if a CTV QR Code is not correctly placed on the TV or if the audience is not given long enough to perform the many mental/physical actions required to scan the code, they quickly become useless.. Similarly, we argue that when you consider the simple fact that ad creatives are designed to have your attention (assuming you are even watching of course), the best place for a QR code might not even be over the ad, especially when the creative is visually stimulating.

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Fusing dynamic content animation with proprietary ad serving technology, Origin's proprietary Native CTV ad formats elevate attention, recall, consideration and outcomes for brands who want to amplify their voice on Connected TV.

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