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Origin to release report from nationwide study that surveyed 6,982 CTV viewers about...xxxxxxx.

The reason we're being protective about the contents of this nationwide study that surveyed almost 7,000 CTV viewers across the US is simple - it was a highly focused, highly topical and highly significant study that created such a wealth of valuable data that we want the first wave of recipients to be those who love Connected TV as much as we do and frankly want to see it regardless of its contents.

We will, however, leave you with this teaser: The questions you will soon have answers to shed a unique spotlight on a key issue that every reputable CTV advertiser has been scratching their heads about - and if used right will provide a foundation so reliable that they'll finally be able to stop scratching and starting evaluating/elevating performance the way they need in this particular area.

If you would like to receive this report when it lands...


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