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Origin Slingshot Prime - Asset Guide

So, you're planning to use Slingshot to amplify your CTV ad campaign.


As you will already know, the nimbleness of our in-house studio and proprietary stitching technology means your customized template effectively empowers you to produce as many versions of a Topper/Chaser/Bookend as you want...but striking the right balance of message 'familiarity' is important.

So it is vital to get the number of assets that will be amplifying your primary ad creative right.

Here are two key things that underpin all else when planning a PRIME Slingshot campaign:

  1. How many live assets do I need to have in live rotation against my ad(s) at any one time?

  2. How often (if at all) do I want to think of refreshing them?

This might sound as counter-intuitive, but bear with us:

How many Native CTV assets do I need to have running in live rotation against my ad?

None of the considerations below are mutually exclusive. In a way, many the points below play into one another, but by breaking them out one by one, you will naturally find yourself drifting in a certain direction:

  • How many things do I want the consumer to know or dive deeper into, that my ad can’t?

  • Do I have a particular desire to make sure people never see the same asset/ad combination more than once (aka frequency)?

  • Does the complexity of my product/service require a fairly 'dense' message in my Native CTV asset?

  • If the job I am giving to the assets is to educate/inform someone, could running the same asset more than once be a good thing.?

  • What are my basic objectives for Slingshot - to be informative and educational or entertaining and attention-grabbing?

  • Am I planning to add a 'shoppable/actionable' QR-based experience to my ad creative?

Here is an example of a brand that wanted to help inform their viewers of the benefits of their used vehicle program before the ad:

How often (if at all) do I want to think of refreshing them?

Something very important to realize before you make a decision is that once your Origin series has been produced (and even launched), it can be refreshed. This is important to think about in a Native CTV ad campaign because while your original ad creative(s) may not change, the way you use Slingshot assets can.

Here are some thought starters as to how

  • Campaign duration - a long campaign will often see a higher household frequency. Simply creating dozens of assets may not be the answer; instead look into things like

    • Seasonal cross-over.

    • Special events (eg sales heavy-ups).

    • Nationally recognized occasions (eg Black Friday or Thanksgiving)

In Conclusion

Remember that the ultimate goal for Slingshot is help brands amplify their presence in the living room. With the exception of Chasers, the Native CTV assets we create for you will be engineered to accomplish four key objectives ON TOP OF delivering a unique and interchangeable message:

So, what's the sweet spot for you?

  • If your campaign will be running for a month or longer and is intended to inform customers:

    • Without refreshes: 6-9 assets.

    • With refreshes: 6 assets.

  • If your campaign will run all year or across more than one season:

    • Without refreshes: 9-12 assets.

    • With refreshes (eg monthly): 9 assets.

  • If your intention is to use Slingshot to add a 'shoppable/actionable' experience using eg QR codes: 3-5 assets.

Whatever conclusions you draw from this, you can always count on us to provide fair and seasoned guidance.



Origin is a creative technology company whose pioneering TV advertising solutions have reshaped the way brands captivate and activate consumers inside and outside the home.

Fusing first to market ad formats with proprietary technology and direct media partnerships that span the streaming ecosystem, Origin's solutions are embraced by brands, agencies and platforms who are seeking to elevate the efficiency and performance of their marketing investments.


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