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Valentine's Day with Origin Prime

Native CTV is here, alive and well, and totally revolutionizing the way that brands reach customers. Origin Prime is the first to market native CTV solution that blends a brands’ ads with native content known as ‘Toppers’ that wrap around a brand’s ad. They are 15 second pieces of content that typically precede a brand’s ad, and are executed within the existing ad break.

How? Origin’s in-house studio handcrafts immersive and engaging short form native CTV content that runs inside ad breaks and is designed to bring a viewer’s attention back to the TV, engage them in active thought/conversation and ultimately prime them in a certain topic or theme. Using custom-built ad serving technology, brands have the power to run their ads before, after or even during their choice of ‘ready-made’ or ‘custom-built’ native Origin content.

Native CTV toppers can consist of trivia, quotes, games, DIY, humor, hyper-local content, and are non-interactive, catering to the lean-back viewing audience. Before now, native campaigns have been limited to desktop, mobile and tablet. Origin Media is currently the only company successfully running Native CTV campaigns.

Check out what the Origin Studio Cooked up for seasonal toppers for Valentine’s day.

Want to see more? View all Origin seasonal content here. To start enhancing your CTV advertising with Origin Prime, email:


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