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How to Engage and Convert Consumers on Connected TV this 2021 Holiday Season.

It may still be August, but in the world of CTV advertising the holidays are right around the corner - which means the 2021 holiday advertising season is at the top of everyone’s agenda. And while we have all become used to creating national ads that appeal to consumers on a broad level, the challenge of having only one message out there is that it doesn't necessarily ‘relate’ to the individual watching it.

This year that changes.

Recognized by The IAB in their 2021 CTV Creative Guidelines, Origin’s Creative Ad Extensions (known by the industry as CTV Ad Toppers), brands can append limitless Toppers to their planned creative assets with each one capable of delivering a unique message that is truly personal and relevant to the viewer. For example:

  • Does your brand sell sportswear to 39 year old females in New York City on a high income, but also appeals to 18 year old male college students?

  • Do your products resonate with Californians who are personally invested in climate change, but also resonate with petrolheads in Wisconsin?

  • What about a viewer who doesn’t even know about you, but buys similar products from other brands?

With Origin’s CTV Ad Toppers, brands now have the ability to send a unique message to every demographic in a way that resonates with them and their interests on a truly personal level.

The ability for a brand to personalize their Holiday ads is their opportunity to create an emotional connection with consumers around the entire country.

Another key benefit of engaging Origin to build a series of Toppers for an ad campaign is that the viewer will rarely, if ever, see the same complete ad experience more than once. This in turn helps solve the problem of ad fatigue and creative wear-out, meaning they can expose households to their brand more frequently than they could if they were only running their national asset on its own.

Are you planning to run a national ad campaign on CTV this year? If so, talk to us and let us show you how we can help you create a personal and emotional connection with your audience this holiday season and with our Ad Toppers.

To learn more, visit:

To request a consultation, email:


Origin is a pioneering media and technology company fusing agile content production with proprietary ad serving technology to create first to market native advertising solutions for brands who want to engage and activate consumers on the largest screen in the home.


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