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CTV gives brands Superpowers that traditional TV cannot

Connected TV streaming gives brands the power to take their marketing strategies FAR BEYOND what traditional linear TV can offer them. Here are the top three reasons why this is the case:

  1. Personalized messaging - The digital insertion of ad creatives (especially Origin's Native CTV Toppers) gives national and local advertisers unlimited scope when it comes to the actual message being played out to the viewer.

  2. Precision targeting - Reaching the right home is no longer about day-parting or finding the right program to advertise against. Molecular targeting in CTV allows an advertiser to focus their spend on reaching the right demographic using their choice of hundreds of metrics (age, gender, wealth, family status, interests etc). By extension - advertising on Connected TV is cheaper than traditional linear TV.

  3. Actionable measurement - Tracking where your money is being spent is one thing. Being able to measure the ROI of that is quite another. Multi-screen attribution and being able to use all these screens to create a seamless 'journey' through the funnel is what it's all about.

The evolution of TV consumption into the digital era is a gift that should be embraced vs a threat to be avoided.

If you're reading this and want to have a candid, honest and innovative discussion about the power of CTV advertising, you can reach us here:

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