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Creative technology makes headlines at LUMA Digital Media Summit 2023

This year's Luma Partners Digital Media Summit, attended by Origin's outspoken CEO Fred Godfrey, demonstrated without fear or agenda the critical importance of an element we all require in the advertising industry but have pushed aside owing to the focus being on other matters.

The creative.

In fact, it was such an important part of the summit that it took center stage in Terry Kawaja's opening keynote where he discussed creative as being "the path to efficacy".

The reason we have chosen to write an article about this is for two reasons, both of which are extremely simple:

  • 18 months ago, Origin brought the phrase 'creative technology' to the industry and it was met with quizzical looks. Fast forward to today and it's top of mind. The reason we want to share this fact is because it demonstrates how fast our beloved advertising industry is moving.

  • It goes without saying that over the last 5-7 years, the value of the creative itself, the thing our intended viewers see, has been forced to play second fiddle to other elements of digital advertising - data, targeting, measurement, attribution, programmatic - you name it.

We're not saying we've been wrong to do so, but what we are saying is that it's Origin's view that as an industry we have (until now) lost sight of what our job is as marketers.

To hear a force of nature as strong as Rishad Tobaccowala say this in a closing fireside to Terence Kawaja makes us feel a little safer when we ask - 'can someone please tell me when the ad stopped mattering in advertising?'

We are in the business of storytelling. Of love. Of dreaming. Of daring. The creative matters more than data or delivery.

The creative is everything and if it took the adoption and recognition of creative technology driven by artificial intelligence to put it back in the spotlight, then as the world's most progressive purveyor of AI driven creative technology solutions, that is fine with us.

Finally, the LUMA Partners Digital summit closed with one of the most illuminating, passionate and thought-provoking fireside interviews we think we have ever seen - a discussion with the legendary Rishad Tobaccowala who made the following statement that got the attention of our CEO:

Yes the pipes matter, but they are not what makes an advertising campaign successful.

It is for this reason, and this reason alone, that Origin's mission remains unchanged - to reinvent the storytelling experience and help brands forge a true, genuine and meaningful bond with the world outside.

What does that storytelling look like? Well, with Origin's unique approach to Dynamic Creative Production (DCP), it looks a bit like this:

As it so happens, this particular VISIT FLORIDA Native CTV Slingshot campaign also won Origin it's first award at the CMA's (humble brag).

Thanks for reading.


Origin is an award-winning creative technology company whose zero code TV advertising solutions have reshaped the way marketers captivate and communicate with consumers inside and outside the home.

Fusing pioneering CTV ad formats with proprietary technology and direct media partnerships that span the streaming ecosystem, Origin's products are embraced by brands, agencies and platforms who are looking to deliver a truly personal storytelling experience to their audience.

Founded by media veterans Fred Godfrey and Stephen Strong, Origin is driven by a relentless belief that the time has come to challenge tradition and enrage the status quo. Learn more at


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