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Beet.TV interview with Fred: "Lean-Back World of CTV has different KPIs"

Measurement has long been a challenge for CTV advertisers who have become accustomed to the deep metrics of digital media. Despite the revolutionary medium that is streaming content over the big screen, measurement typically offers little beyond assumed completion (because the inventory is non-skippable) and 100% viewable (because the TV screen is totally viewable.)

Advertisers seem to understand that CTV advertising does offer incremental reach and air cover for a brand, and companies like Neilsen, Lucid, and others offer innovative, yet siloed, CTV advertising measurement tools providing a story and pieces of the puzzle.

These puzzle pieces are progress but the industry still faces challenges surrounding the topic of CTV measurement, as discussed in the video interview with Origin founder Freddie Godfrey, who sat down with industry insight curator and producer Andy Plesser of Beet.TV.

See the original post on Beet.TV here.


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