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Are viewers paying attention to your CTV ads?

This year's explosion in CTV viewership has caused a lot of brands/agencies to start taking Connected TV much more seriously - and with this new interest has come a lot of questions around effectiveness, measurement and the general desire to know that their dollars are being well spent.

While there are all sorts of questions flying around, the 900lb gorilla in the room (that no one seems to be thinking about) is simple - are people even looking at the screen when my ad runs?

At Origin, this is what we exist for. Our mission is quite simple:

  1. Return a viewer's attention to the TV during an ad break (when it might well have been diverted to a phone).

  2. Get them thinking/talking/engaging with what's on the screen in a purely organic manner.

  3. Prime them emotionally and mentally in a specific topic or theme.

How do we do this? We are the industry's first 'native content' solution for Connected TV and our mission is to capture and immerse TV viewers...Want to know more?

Come and say hi!


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