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Video: Origin moderates OTT.X Panel - 'How do SVOD/AVOD Channels Compete Against Giants For Eyeballs

In February, OTT.X hosted their 2022 Online Live event and we had the tremendous privilege of moderating its first panel discussion, titled 'How Do SVOD and AVOD Channels Compete For Eyeballs with The Pluses and Maxes?'.

On the panel was:

  • Gary Delfiner, CEO, Watchfreeflix

  • Berkin Ecevit, Sales and Business Development Director, SPI International

  • Philippe Guelton, President, Crackle Plus

  • Quincy Newell, CEO, TwentyOne14

It was a lively discussion that dove deep into what it means to be an independent content owner or distributor in an age where smaller services are beginning to get squeezed out of the game.

The panel, hosted by Origin CEO Fred Godfrey, raised several key matters including:

  • Content best practices.

  • Marketing & audience acquisition strategies.

  • The future outlook for independent streaming services.

Watch a recording of the panel here

The future of content on TV is yet to be written, but the threat that exists for smaller, independent CTV streaming services is real. It is paramount that they are allowed to exist in a capacity that means audiences continue to get the entertainment they want.


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