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Origin Sees Significant YoY Growth; Rolls Out New CTV Ad Products to Address New Brand Challenges.

Origin increased net revenue year-over-year by 162% for Q1 and triples its number of first-to-market product offerings.

NEW YORK, NY – May 12, 2022Origin, the pioneering creative technology company reshaping how brands engage and activate consumers on the largest screen at home, today, in response to unprecedented demand for its solutions announced today new product offerings and unveiled significant company growth. Approaching its third year anniversary, Origin increased Q1 net revenue by 162% YOY, fueled by client roster expansion and tripling its first-to-market Native CTV suite of products.

Origin was founded on the premise of solving the single most fundamental problem in TV advertising: attention. TV suffers from a material attention-deficit problem, yet without it, nothing else matters,” said Fred Godfrey, co-founder and CEO. “We are the first company to use the technology that underpins CTV where it’s most needed, ‘in front of the glass’ versus behind it and our advertisers are seeing the benefits.”

According to a recent study done by MIDiA Research, more than half of the people surveyed stated that they stop paying attention when ads come on the TV. Origin’s newest products – Slingshot INSTANT and Origin Ad Studio – breathe new life into the traditional ad break by providing brands with data-driven creative formats which have proven to elevate the number of eyeballs on screen by as much as 88%.

  • Slingshot INSTANT gives programmatic buyers a zero-touch way of running their clients’ ads directly behind a short piece of highly engaging, contextually relevant native content which when coupled with increased attention has shown to double search intent.

  • Origin Ad Studio challenges the traditional idea that ‘one ad fits all’ by combining dynamic, data-driven creative animation and premium nationwide reach to serve highly engaging and agile ads where the core message being shown is unique to the audience watching it. With these new products, Origin’s client roster is expanding into new verticals, such as finance, auto, pharma, domestic travel, sports betting and politics.

The ad experience as a whole on CTV is still extremely subpar, even though the technology is in place to solve it. Not all impressions on CTV are created equal, and too many times as long as an ad is targeted, buyers will consider that a positive impression. But that isn’t always the case…especially if people aren’t watching, or an ad is running right after a competitor or the viewer isn’t in a mindset to actually see the ad,” said Stephen Strong, co-founder and Chief Business Officer. “Origin is working to break this thinking. We’re thrilled to be in a position where our new solutions have come from a market that is high in demand and are looking forward to continued growth.”

Origin and MAGNA Media Labs recently concluded a 3 month study that showed brand preference increased by 37% when using Origin’s Native CTV solutions and that messaging and brand retention also increased. By bringing native content into an ad break, viewers paid the same amount of attention to an ad as they did to the show they were watching. This in turn led to an 84% lift in search intent as well as in their ability to stand out. People will pay attention if the content is engaging enough – now it’s just about helping advertisers how to figure out what works best to make content that audiences want to watch.

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Origin is a pioneering creative technology company delivering first to market native advertising solutions to brands that want to elevate the impact and outcome of their marketing campaigns on Connected TV.

The original architects of ‘Native CTV’, Origin’s in-house animation studio produces highly engaging native content that is engineered to capture the attention of a room during an ad break and enhance the connection a viewer feels towards a brand. Learn more at


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