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How To Boost A Political CTV Ad Campaign In One Step

The evolution of CTV advertising has made finding the right ad spots deeply challenging for political CTV advertisers. Why? Because:

  1. Audiences have evolved.

  2. The way they consume content on TV has evolved.

  3. Political TV advertising has not.

Origin is a creative technology company whose pioneering native advertising solutions have reshaped the way brands, candidates and political causes engage and activate consumers on Connected TV.

By coupling first to market native advertising formats with proprietary ad serving technology and direct distribution deals that span the TV streaming ecosystem, Origin's flagship Native CTV solution, Slingshot, empowers political agencies and platforms to achieve new standards for success when it comes to reaching voters in the home.

About Origin Slingshot

The purpose of running a 15 second piece of contextually relevant native content (called an Ad Topper) directly ahead of the political ad is fourfold:

In addition to bringing a viewer's attention back to the TV during an ad break, Slingshot delivers 5 notable benefits for political CTV advertisers who are looking to be smart with their media investment strategies:

With several Native CTV series built and ready to use, you can either leave it to the Origin Native CTV SSP to automatically match a new piece of 15s native content to your political ad every time it runs, or you can manually select a series.

Each of the following Native CTV Series contains a minimum of 12 assets (episodes) per series.

Big Reveal - Native Political Native CTV Series

Eye Across America

Vote 2022 Flash Quiz

Our most recent Political Native CTV Advertising case study revealed that running a campaign ad through Slingshot elevated voter attention in the living room by 368%.

To learn more about Native CTV Advertising for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections and to activate Slingshot for your next political ad campaign, click here or contact:



Origin is a creative technology company whose pioneering Native CTV advertising solutions have reshaped the way brands engage and activate consumers on the largest screen in the home.

Fusing dynamic content animation with proprietary ad serving technology, Origin's Native CTV ad formats elevate attention, recall, consideration and outcomes for brands who want to amplify their presence on Connected TV.

Origin was founded by media veterans Fred Godfrey and Stephen Strong whose careers have been shaped by their relentless commitment to enraging the status quo. Learn more at


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