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Example of True Native Connected TV Advertising

By now you might have heard about 'native CTV streaming' or 'native CTV advertising'. As the pioneers of this concept it's important we get it right, so we've built an entire digital studio to focus on being able to give brands a truly effortless native environment in which to run their ads.

In the example here, you see what Origin's Chameleon unit looks like:

Consists of:

Custom-made native asset followed immediately by the brand's ad and distributed by Origin as a single, seamless asset to the brand's targeted audience.

Primary benefit:

These subtle, immersive, highly effective custom-made assets from Origin 'prime' the viewer ahead of the brand's ad.

Good for:

Performance based brands and brands with pre-existing video assets that would benefit from having the viewer mentally 'in the funnel' when the ad starts to run.

If you're a brand or an agency representing a brand that needs something truly powerful and unique - look us up or drop us a line at


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