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San Francisco's Chinese Hospital Becomes Second Recipient of Origin Impact Non-Profit Initiative.

Following the success of our first award recipient, Susan G. Komen For The Cure, it is with immense pride that we announce our second Origin Impact recipient:

About Origin Impact

Origin Impact is a $1mm initiative that helps non-profit organizations create powerful and effective ad creatives or PSA's, with the express objective being that the budgets they would have spent on marketing can be put to better use.

About Chinese Hospital and their needs

When Chinese Hospital told us about their needs, there was no doubt that they were qualified, because the challenge they presented us with was a heartbreaking one - perception. In a city known for being one of the most technologically progressive on earth, the hospital has found it difficult to shake the stigma that while they may be a 'Chinese Hospital', it doesn't mean their staff lack the resources, equipment and qualifications you would expect from any other American hospital or health facility.

So our task was simple: create a series of video assets that would demonstrate clearly that Chinese Hospital is up there with the best of them.

Taking lead on this project, Origin CEO Fred Godfrey said: "For this project, we felt that the single most important aspect of the videos we produced was finding a tagline that would stick and work backwards from there. We needed it to be bold and bodacious, yet simple. Then it struck us - East Meets West."

He then went on to say: "It is easy to say that in the world of advertising it's not like we're curing cancer, and that is indeed true. But the fact is that what we do really is important." Godfrey went on to say, "We are messengers, and the responsibility falls on ALL of us to help not just brands, but causes be seen, heard and understood. Having the opportunity to help Chinese Hospital correct public perception defines exactly that."

The hospital provided us with images, facts about partnerships they have with other leading medical institutions and more information that allowed us to create a complete series of 15 second video assets that would catch the viewer's attention and provide just enough information to help shift their perception without overloading them.

Here is one of of the many assets we were proud to produce for Chinese Hospital.

Commenting on the project, YoungSoo Cho, Marketing Director of Chinese Hospital and CCHP said “Our experience with Origin was great. We appreciate the creativity they put into their work that is strategically on-point. They're great at what they do. We highly recommend!”

Gina Yam, Pharm.D., VP of Operations of Chinese Hospital went on to say “Origin was a great partner for our social strategy. The videos they produced were excellent and creative, and Fred [Godfrey, Origin CEO] was very patient and generous with his time and talent.”

All that is left to say is this - Chinese Hospital, thank you for allowing to help you.

If you are a non-profit or know a non-profit organization who could benefit from learning about Origin Impact, let us know:


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Fusing first to market ad formats with proprietary ad serving technology and direct distribution deals that span the media landscape, Origin's Native CTV solutions elevate attention, recall, consideration and outcomes for brands who are seeking to redefine the meaning of success on Connected TV.

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