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6 ways Aperture is different to other CTV overlay solutions

Since the release of Origin's newest CTV ad format, Aperture, we've been inundated with demo requests, campaign briefs and one very important question - 'how is it different to all the other overlay products?'

While in this short article you will see a clear grid showing the key differences, the best way to start answering that question is to be clear on its definition. Which we achieve by explaining two things:

  1. What Aperture is designed to do.

  2. What Aperture is not designed to do.

Let's start with what Aperture is not designed to do.

Aperture is not about creating a second experience such as those you might see with squeeze-backs. It's not about offering remote control-based interaction and it's not about throwing a box in the corner of the screen on top of your ad.

What Aperture is designed to do.

Aperture is as simple on the surface as it is complex under the hood. It's a flexible, elegant, scalable and hassle-free way of taking a standard static ad and making it an agile and dynamic creative powerhouse.

That is all. No gimmicks, no brain-melting secondary experience. Aperture is quite simply a dynamic, tailored 'creative layer' that can be applied to any ad.

Here is a 90 second introduction to Aperture

Finally, here is a simple grid that helps explain some of the more intricate differences between Aperture and other CTV overlay products available in market today.

In conclusion

It's not just its underlying purpose that makes Aperture different. Neither is it any one of its features. Indeed, while other solutions in the market may share one or two similar capabilities, what makes Aperture unique is that it contains them all.


Origin is an award-winning Creative Technology company whose zero code CTV ad formats enable marketers to deliver dynamic and responsive ad experiences in the living room and outside the home. 

With unparalleled creative capabilities and proprietary ad serving technology, Origin’s off-the-shelf and custom solutions are trusted by agencies, brands, creative teams and programmatic platforms who want the ads they run to get the attention, engagement and outcomes they deserve.

Founded by media veterans Stephen Strong and Fred Godfrey, Origin is driven by the belief that to win a viewer today, we must look beyond how it was done yesterday.

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