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5 Top Requirements on every CTV marketer's advertising wishlist

Smart marketers like to keep a checklist of items that they can slowly cross off when they're in the planning cycle of a CTV advertising campaign - and that checklist is growing.

While the 5 items we list in this CTV Insider article are indeed fairly ubiquitous requirements among anyone reading it, there are many more out there which we will be talking about another time (many of which are probably already swirling in your head). But for today, let's unpack the 5 CTV campaign planning requirements and then go from there.


As recently as18 months ago the discussion around whether or not viewers were paying 'attention' to ads on TV was a barely audible whisper in conference hallways, but now it is a front & center topic. Why? Because marketers have accepted that if anything productive is to come from serving an expensive CTV ad campaign, then people need to be watching. (As a side note, if Origin had anything to do with this then that's pretty cool).


Thanks in large part to companies like Iris.TV bringing it to the forefront of discussion, brands now love seeing their ads serve in a contextually relevant content environment.


If there's one thing we can speak to with absolute confidence and certainty, it's the growing popularity of Dynamic Creative Production and the power it brings to CTV marketers who want to take their strategies beyond awareness and into the performance category. In just 3 short years, dynamic creatives have gone from the innovation bucket to the mainstay bucket of some of the world's largest brands and agencies and it's easy to see why - all you need to do is check out our award-winning dynamic CTV campaign with VISIT FLORIDA and you're imagination will swirl.


Arguably the most 'obvious' checkbox on today's list, the top things a CTV ad marketer might be looking for are: guaranteed reach, unique content, channels that offer a slick ad break experience and, of course, a rate that reflects the quality of audience being courted.


There is no doubt that this is probably the most '2023ish' item on today's CTV ad marketer's top 5 wish list. In fact, it's pretty much impossible to attend a conference these days without the word 'measurement' or 'attribution' somehow winding its way into the keynote - as well it should frankly. Not only does it create a level of accountability that the brand who is picking up the tab (and paying all our bills) deserves to press upon us, but it is also pushing the industry to imagine what else CTV advertising could achieve. Luckily for us, companies such as Claritas are here to give us the tools we need to look like heroes for our clients (when we get things right that is). You can read more about our approach to measurement, tracking and attribution here.

So there we have it! Just 5 of the top things that smart CTV marketers look for. Tell me though - what do you think is missing, what do you not agree with and what do you think we might soon see on this list?

'til then!


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