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The Time Has Come to Challenge the Connected TV Status Quo.

Progress requires innovation and innovation requires having the audacity to question why we do things the way we do.

At Origin, we question everything about CTV and why so many think it is acceptable to be adopting all the old habits of traditional linear style advertising. Why do we care so much? Because when we conduct a poll that concludes with us learning that 88% of people think that the TV is only good for 'brand awareness', we know it's good for more than that.

The evolution of TV consumption into the digital era has given advertisers a new world to play inside - one where their Living Room marketing strategy can be about more than just brand awareness. Intelligent CTV marketing can put viewers in the funnel, even convert them...and how do we know? Because at Origin, it's our job to help them do so. In fact, one recent cast study with a well know QSR saw Origin deliver a 41% increase in store conversions over them running the ad without our aid.

If you weren't able to catch our MediaPost Webinar last week, don't fear, we'll be publishing all the highlights soon.

If you want to learn more, we're here -


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