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Welcome to the Game Changer CTV didn't know it was looking for

On 7/21, Origin will launch  Native Programmatic CTV ™

Origin’s native programmatic CTV supply solutionenables traders and buyers to run ads that are guaranteed to follow a highly immersive and contextually relevant piece of short content thatthey have chosen. By leveraging proprietary technology and direct partnerships with leading streaming services, Native Programmatic CTV™ can help you boost CTV investment, elevate viewer engagement and increase brand safety.

Did you say native content?Origin’s team produces 15 second trivia and quick tips that are designed to bring the viewer’s attention back to the screen during an ad break, engage them mentally and prime them for the ad that follows.Better engagement means better results.

Did you say programmatic?As we speak, a comprehensive library of native content is being produced and organized into industry-specific channels that buyers will be able to choose from to align campaigns against...all on a self-serve Deal ID basis.

Launch DSPs include: The Trade Desk and DV360. Other DSPs available by request. Questions? Ideas? Requests?


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