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Some Good News: The CTV Edition.

This is the first installment of Some Good News: The OTT Edition. Have you seen John Krasinski's "Some Good News", delivering positivity, hope, and humor through COVID-19?  Elated to share Some AD-GOOD from Origin Media The Origin team was recently invited into a global messaging taskforce, in partnership with the CDC and others to help produce emotionally engaging and snackable COVID-19 digital content for distribution on all screens (including TV). We are thrilled to support the cause, and continue to shine light on more good:  1- POSITIVE COVID FACTS + BRAND ALIGNMENT (NEW): This is an example, COVID CTV "Chameleon" supported by NY Presbyterian. The digital marketing world welcomes a Native CTV/OTT video advertising solution, with distribution across Premium platforms (FEP) including Roku, AppleTV, SamsungTV Plus, etc.  The snackable :15 second fast facts are stitched together with branded video or commercial. Question for marketers, align with COVID good or stay away?! ... 2- WOW, DID YOU KNOW?: Nearly half of advertisers surveyed (48%) said that networks should not expect them to commit to more than one quarter's worth of TV inventory in this year's upfront, and 50% said they can replace linear TV's reach with OTT/connected TV and digital video ads. Meanwhile, 41% said they think media companies will be forced to scrap the upfront model altogether as a result of Covid-19.  More good here: Ad Week Article


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