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So, what is Native CTV?

If you’re in the ad industry then you’ve probably heard of native advertising. Or, if you’re old enough to remember what a newspaper is (no swiping, covered your hands in black ink when you read them) you may remember seeing an ‘advertorial.’ Native advertising is defined as: ‘The strategic use of content that is native to the environment where it is being consumed and whose purpose is to promote a brand, without looking like an ad itself’.

Native advertising can take on many faces - advertorials, sponsored content, product placement, radio host endorsements - with one common goal: connecting with an engaged audience and promoting content in an intelligent and non-interruptive manner. Up until now, native advertising has been ignored on arguably the most powerful media vehicle we have - the one that brings us together as a family with promises of effortless, never-ending enjoyment; the TV.

Well, it’s not being ignored anymore. Origin Native CTV is now here and it is quickly redefining how brands connect with customers while they are leaning back at home. Our in-house studio builds content that brings second screeners back to the television, sparks conversations among co-viewers and deepens a brand’s CTV advertising impact. Native content is immersive, and holds the power of making an emotional connection with a viewer as they connect, think, and often learn. Through native content, a brand provides value to the viewer in a way that is interesting and mentally stimulating, therefore elevating their CTV advertising efforts.

Click here to learn more about native CTV advertising opportunities with Origin.


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